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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do You Report Geri Halliwell news?

A: Yes we do, since SoloSpiceNews.com reports about the Spice Girls' solo projects this includes Geri as well.

Q: Do you have any of the Spice Girls' email addresses or AOL/IM Screen Names? Can I have them?

A: We do not have the email address or screen name of any Spice Girl. Even if we did do you think we'd just give it out? Furthermore we have no way of relaying any messages to the Spice Girls so please refrain from sending us anything intended for any of the Spice Girls.

Q: Did it cost you to get the domain SoloSpiceNews.com?? How much does it cost? What server is it running on?

A: Of course! They don't give these things away for free ya know, well at least not anymore. See Network Solutions for information and pricing on registering a domain. The actual server the site is running on is a nice and cheap german host called "Puretec"

Q: When will this particular Spice Girl come to this city/country?

A: Check the Tour Dates page. All upcoming concert information is there. As for non-concert visitation, everything we know about their plans we post to the main news page. So we do not personally have any additional information about this topic apart from what is posted on the site.

Q: When is this particular CD, product, music video, or television appearance going to be available in [insert country here]?

A: Search through the latest news or the archives. If it wasn't posted, then we don't know.

Q: Where do you get all this news!?

A: A lot of different sources. Primarily from online UK publications such as The Sun, The Mirror, Sunday Mirror, The Telegraph, Megastar, People UK, dotmusic, worldpop, NME, Annanova, People News, Yahoo! UK News, etc. We also get news from some Spice Girls mailing lists(such as spicelist2), message boards, as well as the news that is submitted by all of you to http://www.solospicenews.comsubmit.html, and of course anything else we find out about by ourselves and any other personal methods any of the updaters have.

Q: Can I become part of SoloSpiceNews? Can I join the team? How can I contribute?

A: Thank you for your interest and support. None of the SoloSpiceNews team ever asked to be a part of the site. SoloSpiceNews people are chosen from within the Spice Girls community based on their contributions and character and then asked if they would like to join the site. If we need some more people or replacements and you are that good, we will find you and ask you. However we do appreciate your willingness to contribute. The best thing you can do to help us is just submit news, or newly release multimedia.

Q: Some of the links to older audio or video are broken.

A: Multimedia usually takes up a LOT of bandwith and server space, so we are unfortunetly not able to keep it up forever, so the best idea would be downloading everything as fast as possible and share it with other people and spread it on the net everywhere!

Q: You should add a forum, why don't you have a forum (or x website feature) ?

A: We set up a forum called "Denden" which can be accessed by clicking here. There's also a graphics-lite version which can be found here.

  • If you are looking for a good mailing list, you might want to check out spicelist2, or Spice_Odyssey.
  • If you are looking for some realtime chat, check out #SpiceChat, to which we have a local access point here.

Q: How do you convert Realaudio to MP3?

A: If you have a downloaded RealAudio file, you can use an older version of Streambox Ripper that will directly do this. The new versions of StreamBox Ripper do not touch RealMedia however because they lost a court battle with RealNetworks over this. The last version that did RealAudio conversions was 2.009, and you can still find this version on the net, try some search engines. Do not email us asking for it, we won't send it to you.

If it's a streaming RealAudio file, try saving it with a program called X-Fileget(if you can find it), then use Streambox Ripper on it. This does not work very often these days however, since the streaming servers upgraded their protocol while X-Fileget did not. The only option you have left at this point is to simply record the audio as it streams. To do this you need a good soundcard that can record "What You Hear". Select that option in your Volume Control Mixer, and hit record in your favorite Audio Editor(CoolEdit is recommended for Windows users), and start playing the stream. Make sure your recording sound levels are correct! Then simply save the recorded file as a Wav file and make it into an MP3(or save it directly to MP3, whatever).

Q: Why is the date on the newest post older than the one below it?

A: We are all in different parts of the world. Califronia(USA), Australia, Germany, Canada, Holland. So our time zones are different and we don't have a syncronized timestamp system. So you can get scenarios where the newest post was posted by MikeMGMVE, who is in California, but Australia(which is where LukeP is) is almost a full day ahead of California and that post is not the latest, but dated ahead of the latest.

Q: Who are you? How old are you? Where do you live? What do you do? Whats up with you?

A: Check out the About Page.