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Only the best websites are linked. If you want to apply for a link, send your site's url to [email protected] This page is updated in real-time. If I like your site enough to want to link it, you'll get a reply to your link submission and/or will see your site on this page within a few days. Please do not submit links more then once, don't submit unfinished sites, sites that you know suck, etc.

Spice Girls
Spice Girls Official Homepage - The official site of the Spice Girls.
SpiceNews - The biggest and most detailed archive of group news in the whole world!

Victoria Beckham
Official Victoria Beckham Homepage - The official site of Victoria Beckham.
Picture Perfect Posh - Another site that hasn't been updated for a long time but still looks nice and has rich content.

Melanie Brown
Official Melanie B Homepage - The official site of Melanie B.
Blazin' Bad Zula - A site devoted to everything Melanie B. Has lots of sections and content as well as good design.

Emma Bunton
Emma Generation - An excellent site that is constantly updated, contains news, pictures, media, downloads, and more!
Official Emma Bunton Homepage - The official site of Emma Bunton.
emmabunton.co.uk - I really like this one because it is very rich on information. It's pictures section is also formatted very nicely.
Unofficial Fan Club (emma-bunton.com) - Another good Emma site.

Melanie Chisholm
Official Melanie C Homepage - The new official site of Melanie C.
Official Melanie C Homepage - The older Northern Star official site of Melanie C.
Melanie C 2K - A site that concentrates on news and is updated frequently. Sometimes it has exclusive scans.
SGC: Spice Girls Central - A Spice Girls fansite which features over 100 videos, mp3s, and rare photos of the fab five.
100% Melanie C - This site has been around since '96 and is still v.good.
Best Of Melanie C Links - Pretty much what the title says.
Melanie C Fantasy - A new but good site.

Geri Halliwell
Official Geri Homepage - The official site of Geri.
Halliwell House - Huge gallery, lots of multimedia Planet Geri - frequently updated

CDNow - Good Place to buy Spice Girls CDs & Imports.
EIL.com - A good place to buy rare Spice CDs.
EBay - A good place to buy used or rare Spice Merchandise.
GammaDelta - Designed the current look of this site!
Fairtunes - Pay the ARTIST for their music. You might want to even stop buying CDs, considering they get next to nothing from CD sales.