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--Friday, March 22 2002 at 8.00AM - [SoloSpiceNews-Team]
Welcome To SoloSpiceNews.com
WWelcome to SoloSpiceNews! You might have noticed this site looks nearly exactly like the old SpiceNews - we thought there's no need to re-invent the wheel and it makes it easier for you as well since you don't have to get used to a new layout and such. However, there still are some changes compared to SpiceNews:
  • New URL (obviously): All news on solo-carreers will now only be posted on SoloSpiceNews.com
  • Geri: Since we're just about Solo Spice now, this of course includes Geri as well so from now on we will also post Geri News
  • New Logo: The site name changed & we're now also featuring Geri, so a new logo had to be done, we tried to make it look close to the original one (by Chelly Palisoc), the new logo has been done by Mike Roha & Tamir Tzvi, so thanks for that!
  • New Updater: We need 5 for the power of Spice - that's what we thought and we're glad to introduce a new member in the SoloSpiceNews-Team - marC. You will most likely know him from one of the numerous multimedia-encodings he has done in the past, if you want to find out more about him (including a picture) see the About-page
  • Opinions: There's now a new section where you can share your opinion on latest news regarding the girls, every week chosen messages will be posted there with replies from you and us. Check the Opinions-page for information on how to submit.
  • Archives: We'll be trying to make a big archive including the complete history of the girls' solo projects, so the archives will be filled in at some later point with old news from the SpiceNews-archives and other old news we find (since we will try to cover Geri's solo-history as well)
That's it for now, we hope you'll like SoloSpiceNews as much as you liked SpiceNews, if there's any questions don't hesistate to email us or just read the FAQ :)

Angie, Luke, Mike, Marc & Dennis