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Submitting News
Please submit any Solo-Spice Girls news. This includes news about Geri, Emma, Melanie C, Melanie B and Victoria but no David Beckham news and no news on any Spice-Relatives please! If you want your email to be taken seriously please try to include some sort of proof or source for what you are sending in because anybody can (and they do) make up news and submit it.

If we find out the news from you before anywhere else, you will be credited if you provide a name to be credited with at the end of the email message. Whatever you sign with will be what goes in the credit. If you want a link then include the site URL. If we find out the news you sent somewhere else before your email is read then thank you very much for sending it, but we were already aware of this :-)

Please send any news to:
[email protected]

Thank You!